May 27, 2021

Should You Get Married - Episode 58

Should you get married? Many of us grew up with the pressure and expectation of finding a partner and getting married to live happily ever after, but is it necessary to be happy? It seems like more and more people are choosing not to get married, but many of us still face pushback from our parents, religion and society.

In this episode we discuss the reasons to get married and the reasons to think more before jumping in. We also chat about why we personally chose to get hitched and why it took Will so long to propose, and what has changed after being married vs dating.


0:00 Intro

1:01 Welcome banter

5:39 Start of topic

7:24 On the fence with marriage

13:26 Why we chose to get married

20:34 Reasons to get married

25:13 Reasons not to get married

36:07 Marrying for money

38:40 What changed after marriage

43:00 Takeaways & lessons learned



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